An Introduction

...into the 11 Tools for the 21st Century Learner Online Professional Development

Welcome to the SBISD 11 Tools for the 21st Century Learner online professional development blog. The 11 Tools for the 21st Century Learner training is required as part of the 21st Century Learning Initiative. Currently this course is limited to campus groups and new teachers and is by invitation-only.  You will receive 9 hours of professional development credit upon completion of the program. If you have questions about your involvement in the program, please contact your campus librarian.

The course has been developed to help SBISD educators learn about technologies that will help transform classrooms into "learning centers" for the 21st century students that walk through your doors. You will gain an understanding of ways to communicate, collaborate and create using new technologies in the world of Web 2.0! 

The course activities unfold in 11 blog posts. As you read the information in each post, you will use links to other websites, view video demonstrations, and look at samples on the Internet to learn about each of the concepts and resources. Then, you will reflect on the reading/create products/samples of your own and discuss how these technologies will assist you in working with your students in your transformed classroom. 

During this course, you will be presented with lots of information and tools, more than you may absorb! However, this course will always be available to you to return to as you develop your skills and are ready to try more! Our goal for this course is that we help you build awareness of all that is available to you and help you begin developing your understanding and skills to better meet the needs of your students!

Take a minute to watch this video and consider the 21st century learner, the tools available, and the need to change the way we teach.

Listed below is the course outline.  Welcome to the 21st Century! It is moving fast! 10% of it is already gone! Grab on and let’s go for a ride!

Before you drive off....
We advise you to use Google Chrome as your browser to create your posts. Download and install Google Chrome if it is not already installed on your teacher laptop. You can donwload from the KACE software library. Watch this short video for information on navigating through the 11 Tools website.

Click on the Tool # and start adding to your toolbox!
Tool 1: Getting Started - Creating your Blog!
Tool 2: Building Community in the Online Environment!
Tool 3: Finding Online Video and Image Resources!
Tool 4: Moving Up to the Clouds!
Tool 5: Producing with Web 2.0 Tools!
Tool 6: Using Web Tools to Promote Discussion in and out of the Classroom!
Tool 7: Going Global: Online Digital Projects!
Tool 8: Taking a Look at the Tools!
Tool 9: Incorporating Classroom-Based Devices as Tools for Learning! .
Tool 10: Underneath it All - Digital Citizenship!
Tool 11: Self Assessing and Reflecting


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